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Healing Life Style Fabylous

Healing your body
and life from the inside!

Functional Nutritional Healing Life Style Fabylous

Healing your body and life from the inside!

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My stomach and intestines were a constant concern. I suffered terrible acid reflux, constipation and headaches that eventually triggered panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia.

I went to a good and highly recommended Doctor in the city who was part of a big, reputable clinic. After a series of exams, he told me I had gastritis, gave me some antacids, and suggested avoiding foods that would irritate my stomach. For my anxiety and mental wellbeing, he prescribed another pill – one that would make me so drowsy that I couldn’t study or function normally. I was frustrated and desperate for a cure or solution. Of course, nothing worked because I didn’t make any real changes to my diet or lifestyle.

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Functional Nutrition:

Is a complete and comprehensive evaluation of a particular individual to provide the best and most complete program to improve and achieve health, happiness, and wellness through dietary, and lifestyle guidance and a “wholistic” …

Customized Massage Therapy:

All my treatments are customized depending on my client’s needs and ailments.
I have learned and practiced an extensive range of modalities over the last 20 years.

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment or Colonic:

This treatment has been around for decades, much like traditional enemas. Colonics are a more complete way of…

Dead Sea Wraps:

Wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins.

Foot Detox or Ionic foot cleanse:

It helps to detox the body through your feet; the ionized machine works to ionize the foot water.

Wood Far Infrared Sauna:

Far Infrared saunas create an environment that allows radiant heat energy to be absorbed into the human body.

Hypnotherapy and Reiki

Because you’re in a heightened state of focus, you may be more open to proposals or advice that you might ignore or brush off in your normal mental state.


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