I started my journey in health and wellness in the late 90s.

Before moving to New York City, I studied Advertising and Marketing and, for a year, Accounting.

I was young when I arrived in New York, and I was on my own for the first time. So, being in my 20s, my diet and party habits were not the best. New York City was thrilling and busy with so much to see and do. It was easy to choose the path of convenience with pizza and fast-food restaurants everywhere; I would grab a coke and a slice of the best New York pizza and run to my job (or jobs) and to school.

I enrolled in the School of Visual Arts to continue with my career, but this time in the creative aspect of it, Graphic Design. I barely started when I felt ill. My stomach and intestines were a constant mess. I suffered terrible acid reflux, constipation and headaches that eventually triggered panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia.

I went to a good and highly recommended Doctor in the city who was part of a big, reputable clinic. After a series of exams, he told me I had gastritis, gave me some anti-acids, and suggested avoiding foods that would irritate my stomach. For my anxiety and mental wellbeing, he prescribed another pill – one that would make me so drowsy that I couldn’t study or function normally. I was frustrated and desperate for a cure or solution. Of course, nothing worked because I didn’t make any real changes to my diet or lifestyle.

At the time, I was working as a receptionist in a holistic center. Many practitioners would come and go doing therapies that I had never heard of before. It made me realize there were other paths to healing.


Talking to a few holistic practitioners about my condition, they suggested simple steps: changing my diet, refraining from coffee and sodas, cleansing, fasting, receiving treatments such as colonics, acupuncture, massage, and Reiki (my first love) and meditating.

I started studying Reiki, a Tibetan energy work that helps me feel grounded, takes my anxiety away and helps me to regain my wits and peace of mind, and I eventually became a Reiki practitioner.

In a matter of a year, I was a different person, driven and healthy, and I started my new career! 

I wanted to share with the world all that has allowed me to be here now enjoying my health, my kids, my partner, my family, my dear friends, and my love for traveling and continuing to learn better ways of living fully and healthily

I obtained an Associate degree in Occupational Studies in the prestigious Swedish Institute in Chelsea Manhattan, New York. There, I learned, anatomy and physiology, neurology and about diseases and conditions from birth or that are acquired through viruses or accidents.

I learned treatments and protocols to help to improve the quality of life in people challenged by these conditions with eastern and western techniques for healing and rehabilitation.

I found it fascinating to be in a cadaver viewing. Seeing a dead body didn’t scare me – instead of thinking about mortality, it planted the seed of knowledge for a better way of living. It was just amazing to appreciate the body as a perfectly entangled miracle where all the parts work together and absolutely nothing is isolated.